salad club

On Saturday evening I headed to Brixton for the opening of Ellie and Rosie’s Salad Club. What is salad club? It’s one of London’s new living-room restaurants and serves a four course meal for a suggested donation of just £15. I must admit I was a little worried and had visions of a secret, super-skinny, salad-worshipping society, but Ellie set me straight. The name comes from a time when she and her friend Rosie used to go to the gym together once a week and follow it up with a salad and a good catch-up. This they called Salad Club. They are obviously good girls – my post-gym sessions used to involve an enormous amount of pizza and so convinced me that going to the gym was actually bad for me. Twisted logic. Anyway… the girls’ salads got bigger and better week by week until they decided they should probably share them with the rest of us, along with plenty of non-salad type food too.



Some of the ingredients waiting its turn in the kitchen…


There were hand-written menus, flowers and candles and excellent waitresses/Salad Club friends who kept our water and wine glasses topped up. We began with springy thai pollock fish cakes on a bed of fresh, crunchy cucumber and carrot with chilli dipping sauce. This was followed by three salads, including a tasty rocket, smoked pancetta and butternut squash number, and a beetroot, chorizo, goats cheese and mint medley. I’m afraid I didn’t take photos of each course, as I hadn’t seen my friend Emily in a while and it kind of interrupts the flow of conversation, not to mention looking weird to anyone not accustomed to the obsessions of a foodblogger.


It was okay, it took her a wee while to read the menu, so I snapped away backstage in the meantime. You can also see Chris, of Cheese and Biscuits and Mei, who writes Family Styles, tucked against the wall there.


Pudding was a sweet, creamy white chocolate and cardomom cup. And then there was some good cheese.


Washing up in the bath! I like this and wish I had a bath. Has anyone thought of eating their dinner in the bath and then just washing up there and then?



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6 responses to “salad club

  1. mei

    lovely photos! haven’t thought of eating in the bath, but i would consider bathing in that spicy tomato chili jam. would that be weird?

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  3. Dan

    Love the look of the handwritten menus and food sounds great too. Know what you mean about taking photos, getting comments from my other half that it’s becoming obsessive. And washing up in the bath, classic idea.

  4. Boo

    Eating in the bath! Reminds me of The Darling Buds of May the tv show. I saw Pam Ferris on Market Kitchen the other day and she said she and David Jason would literally sit in the bath and eat all day on set. What a job, it’s alright for some!

  5. foodrambler

    Mei, bathing in that spicy chilli jam might be mighty painful!

    I was served dinner in the bath once in Latvia – partially smoked fish on that delicious, chewy, really dark bread they have. Yum.

  6. foodrambler

    David Jason in the bath? Not sure that’s something I’d like to see on tv…

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